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lilsh0rtie's Journal

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1 March

((( sammies info"> )))
!updated: 101202!

my names samantha.. u can call me either sammie or samantha elizabeth~. Imma 17 year old girl, my birthday's March 1st. I live in Ohio in the middle of no where.. imma junior at FHS. I love volleyball. Id play it every day if i could. I work at theDairy Bar connected to Angilos. A pizza place in town. yay. Im currently single.. but wishin and hoping<3 My best friends are Ash & Jessie. I love them<3 my best guy friend would be Dustin & Steve. hes great.

[[about me]]
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my <b>names</b> samantha.. u can <b><font color=66ccff>call me</b><font color=000000> either sammie <i>or</i> samantha elizabeth~. Imma <u>17</u> year old <u>girl</u>, my birthday's <b><font color=66ccff>March 1st</b><font color=000000>. I live in Ohio in the <i>middle</i> of no where.. imma <strike>junior</strike> at FHS. I <b><font color=66ccff>love</b><font color=000000> volleyball. Id play it <u>every day</u> if i could. I work at the<b><font color=66ccff>Dairy Bar </b><font color=000000>connected to Angilos. A pizza place in town. yay. Im <u>currently</u> <strike>single</strike>.. but <i>wishin</i> and <b>hoping</b><3 My <u>best</u> friends are Ash & Jessie. I <font color=66ccff><b>love</b><font color=000000> them<3 my best <u>guy</u> friend would be Dustin & Steve. hes <b>great</b>.

<b>[[</b>about me<b>]]</b>
imma <font . color=#66ccff><b>short lil girl.</b><font . color=#000000> ;D im loving and caring and i am <b>always</b> here to listen to n help<font . color=#66ccff><b> anyone </b><font . color=#000000>out with their problems. even if im not too fond of you ill listen n try to help. I always like to be here for someone if they need it. Im not a very happy person. I <font . color=#66ccff><b>never </b><font . color=#000000>put me first. I always put everyone else before me. And i have low self - esteem. I <font . color=#66ccff><b>think</b><font . color=#000000> im fat ugly lazy and worthless *sighs* Ive been rather <font . color=#66ccff><b>depressed </b><font . color=#000000>lately and have had it rough. I <font . color=#66ccff><b>dwell </b><font . color=#000000>on things that happen and takes me <u>forever</u> to get over them. I trust people <b>way</b> too easily. And when it comes to <strike>love</strike>.. i have <font . color=#66ccff><b>awful </b><font . color=#000000>luck. I get <strike>attched</strike> rather easily and when i get to the point where i give the guy <strike>my all</strike>. he dropps me on my <font . color=#66ccff><b>ass</b><font . color=#000000>. So i have a rather<font . color=#66ccff><b> hard </b><font . color=#000000>time bein open wtih people. The few <u>fuckers</u> out there screwed it up for everyone else.

I love: 112, a1sause, abercrombie, alcohol, american eagle, aol, <b>ashanti</b>,<font . color=#66ccff><b> babie blue<font . color=#000000></b>, bad stuff, belly rings, best friends, <font . color=#66ccff><b>blue<font . color=#000000></b>, britney spears, bubble gum, bubbles, bunnies, cell phones, chicken, chocolate, christine, clothes, clo<i>u</i>ds, clubs, coloring, cotton candy, cuddlinq, dancing, dark blue, destinys child, <b>dreaminq</b>, driving, dustin<3, gadzooks, glitter, glow stix, hearts, hello kittie, hugs, ice cream, inside jokes, ja rule, jimmy, <font . color=66ccff>josh hartnett<font . color=000000>, journals, julia stiles, kisses!, kool aid, light blue, lip gloss`!, <strike>live</strike>journal, lollie pops!, lotion, <strike>love</strike>, l<b>o</b>ve pictures, love storys, makeup, malls, moons, movies, music, nail polish, navy blue, <u>nelly</u>, nickleback, notes, orange pop, pac sun, parties, phones, pictures, playboy bunnie, poems, popsicles, puddle of mudd, rain, real word, roxy stuff, ryan, ryan phillippe, <strike>sex</strike>, shopping, silver, singing, skittles, sleepinq, <strike>smilinq</strike>, socks, <font . color=#66ccff><b>spongebob<font . color=000000></b><3, starbucks, <u>stars</u>*, steve, storms, strawberries, suga, summer, surveys, swimminq, swinqs, talking,tanninq, tube tops, typing, <b>volleyball</b>, wine coolers, wishing, witch craft, writing, xoxo

I hate: assholes, back stabbers, bitches, break up's, broken promises, clowns, copy cats, <strike>death</strike>, <strike>denise</strike>, dirty people, fat bitches, frisches, <u>gossipers</u>, hoes, hypocrits, idiots, immature people, <b>jealousy</b>, joggers, liars, milk, pink, pink crayons, players, show off's, sluts, snow, tea, <b>two face people</b>, ugly people, wanna be's, whores

112, alien ant farm, <font color=66ccff><b>ashanti<font . color=000000></b>, avril lavigne, big tymers, blink 182, brandy, britney spears, <font color=66ccff><b>dashboard confessional<font color=000000></b>, dixie chicks, dj sammy, <b>eminem</b>, eve, <u>ja rule</u>, jennifer lopez, kittie, lil kim, <i>lonestar</i>, ludacris, michelle branch, monica, nelly, <font color=66ccff><b>new found glory<font color=000000></b>, no doubt, pink, shakira, <u>system of a down</u>, usher ect.

<b>[[</b>my journal<b>]]</b>
i <i>dont</i> really use my <strike>livejournal</strike>.. i use my <font . color=#66ccff><b>blurty</b><font . color=#000000> more. the addy is.. <B>fallingxstars.blurty.com</b> so if u <u>really</u> wanna read about my life n junk go <b>there</b> instead of <b>here</b>. i do write in here.. <i>but</i> its usually long entires when i <strike>copy and paste</strike> from blurty.

<b>[[</b>stalk me<b>]]</b>
<font . color=#66ccff>*<font . color=#000000>//<font . color=#66ccff><b>aim</b><font . color=#000000>..luvable bish <b>or</b> sexie sh0rtie
<font color=66ccff>*<font . color=#000000>//<font . color=#66ccff><b>email</b><font color=000000>..sparkienfade@aol.com

"love is always patient and kind. it is never jealous. love is never boastful or conceited. it is never rude or selfish. it does not take offense and is not resentful."

"Hes just a boy.. and I'm just a girl.. can i make it anymore obvious"

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sammie <a href="http://ilovehim.cjb.net" target="new" onMouseOver="status='i love him';return true" onMouseOut="status=' '"><font face="symbol" size=1>©</font></a>'s you<3

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