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new location@!!!! [12 Apr 2003|12:02am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i gotta new livejournal. its hardcore_ so add me there now! hehe..


:] [07 Apr 2003|03:37pm]
[ mood | curious ]

anyone have a code they could let me have so i can make a new journal? i dont like this name anymore and im thinkin bout usin livejournal again but i cant do that until i get a code.. anyone feeling nice?! heh<333


btw.. [07 Feb 2003|12:05pm]
oh btw.. sara girl.. I STILL LOVE YOU~! im still waitin on my pictures and letter :x you kno ill still talk to you on IMs.. love you!!!!!
2 !? bitch*

*waves* *cries* [07 Feb 2003|12:02pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I am no longer using Livejournal since no one comments me theres no point.. if you want to continue to read about me you can find me at
if not.. it was nice while it lasted, we'll be fuckin seein ya<3

lotz of luvin!!


dont u bring me down today. [22 Jan 2003|08:06pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hey.. last night i could not sleep for shit. i dont kno why.. i watched 10 things i hate about you like twice last night. and freakin matt sent me a text message at like 11;30 right when i was half way asleep.. grr.. so yea.. well i got up this morning.. and got ready and i was a runin a lil late and i went out to start the car and like.. it would not start. i tried ike 2 times n said fuck it and walked to school. it was sooo cold outside. it sucked. at first i didnt think it was that bad.. but the closer i got to school the colder it got. it sucked. so i got to school.. gave stephie a hug n went to my class.. since i dont have mr. bronner first period it sucked. blah. so took notes in western civ. in english we had to write a summary about chapter 4. which i didnt read. i had a 5 day break i forgot so yea. did that.. went to chemistry did a bunch of nothing. told us how to redo our lab and gave us our grades i got a 79 in there :\ i got a 63 on my exam. its not that bad but i was kinda hopin for my grade to be in the 80's at least. but its close enough bc i kno i tried. hrm. then went to journalism. ugh. we got like 5 new people in that class and like our new classroom is like 6ft by 11ft. its so small i coulndt stand it there wasnt enough chairs. and the new people in it are kristina white.. david pertuset and mike, chad ammon, and jason iles. ew. i dont get alone with any of them. so i am FOR SURE droppin that class. then went to study hall and me n ashley was gonna go to ms. masons room but her door was locked so we went n found kim and sat n talked to her the whole study hall and then went to lunch. got to lunch early since we was walkin the halls so i sat down n talked to megan and danielle n sat by steve.. lol.. steve.. hes a loser but its ok.. hes like my best friend<3 umm.. talked to christine at lunch she was actually in there.. i kinda said that she should come to my house n get ready with me for homecoming and she just changed the subject. guess she isnt allowed to hang out with me anymore or something. i dunno.. depresses me bc she was my best friend. *sighs* ANYWAYS. 7th period they called juniors down to change their classes.. i was like yay! so went down there n it was me jeremy tim and jessica.. n like i got jeremy to switch into my 7th period class.. yay.. n like. oh this pisses me off i wnated to be bronners teacher aid 4th period. since i was droppin journalism it was 4th and i wanted to have a class with bronner. well he already had a teachers aid 4th period >:| so i yelled at him. then i went to algebra and ian is now in my class :] that makes me happy.. then i came home.. got my algebra papers and took them back up there n turned them in.. then talked to danielle and megan.. came home.. changed for workin out went back up to the school.. was sittin in the office talkin to clifford.. then mrs. harley announced that we have a 2 hour delay for tomororw!! woo woo.. happy day. nice news. so then the bell rang and i went up to bronners room and told him that i really wnated to be his teacher aid 4th period bc i want to have a class with him and tahts the only period i can change and he said that hed talk to mr. robinson and if he wouldnt let him have 2 then hed ask patricia if she could switch so i could be in there :] i hope i can be in there 4th period. bc then id be with dani and megan and id be happy :] and id be in bronners room and wont have to hav journalism so after i talked to bronner me and megan went up to the weight room.. worked out till like 3;30 then we left. ok so we didnt feel like walkin down the 4 floors of steps. so we got in the elevator. never again will i get in that elevator. so we're in t here and i hit to go to floor 1. and like we're on floor 1 but the doors arent openin.. n we're sittin there n like we arent movin. n im startin to get scared and megan hits the open doors button and it did nothing. n i hit the 2 button to go to the second floor and we sit there.. so we're freakin out and like 6iish min. later the doors open n we book it outta there. never again. so then we get in my car and come back to my house.. talked to mommie.. go up to my room.. chill.. then jenna n ashley came over. jenna hadda stop by n get her shirt. so i walked megan outside bc she was going to her aunts who lives behind me so she left. oh she likes my dress :] then i talk with jenna and ashley.. ashley's like we needa hang out sometime we havnt done anything in a while n i was liek yea n shes like yea the 3 of us. aw n i was like yea yea.. lol.. they liked my dress too :] so then they left.. i ate dinner wtih mom n dad. umm.. wrote my rikka<333 yay.. hopefully ill have it in the mail tomorrow. depends on how cold it is outside :x heh.. then i got on here and ive been talkin to joshie ashley n some people. matt just kinda pissed me off. lets not talk about it. so yea. but imma go and talk n do nothing. write my ashley bashely n danielle i suppose. ill update later.. byee


"is your heart still mine.. i wanna cry sometimes.. i miss you." [21 Jan 2003|07:04pm]
[ mood | drained ]

oOoOoOoOoO.. yesterday was a busy day for sammie dale. umm.. sunday.. i dont even memeber.. i think i wrote about it.. if not.. well.. i guess i did nothing. yesterday. monday. i had no school.. yay.. so like yea.. sunday night jimmy asked me if i wanted to met him at wendys in mt. orab bc he had to take his car up there to get it fixed and he had nuttin to do.. so i was like yea n hes like well my car has to be there at 10 so ill call u.. n i waslike alright.. well yesterday i woke up at like 10;30iish.. got online.. talked to ashlie.. talked to a few eople.. and then 12;00 comes along and im like well fxck him. so i got ready called up stephie.. n told he i was going out to krogers to take my film up there n shes like well come over after ur done.. so i leave go up to krogers.. and like i was gonna do the 1hr junk. but they had some kinda deal going on so the lady said it wouldnt be done till like 3. so i was like blah ok. so i called stephie told her iw as gonna get a sandwitch at wendy's then id be over.. n shes like alright.. so got my sandwitch went to stephies.. we watched some tv.. umm.. i talked to steve the whole way from mt. orab to stephies.. lol.. hes a crackhead. got to stephies ate.. watched Days & Passions.. Jimmy called. i guess we got in a fight.. i dunno.. then me n stephie left her house at like 2 and went up to blan. to go tannin.. the beds were nice.. her aunt owned the place or something.. i dunno. it was nice.. tanned for like 20 min. then we went to her grandpas house and got her some money so she could drop some film off.. then went to krogers.., got my film.. dropped hers off.. went over to wendy's bc she was hungry and this guy that was takin our order waslike flirtin with us hardcore. like stephie said can i have some salt or soemthing and he like had 2 big handfulls n like we was getin some napkins and he threw 2 of the lil kids meals toy's at us.. lol.. n hes like dont say wendy's never gave u anything.. lol... kinda weird. so we're drivin n me n stehpie are tired as hell so i told her i was gonna take her home and id call her later.. so i got home.. laid on the couch.. tried to call jimmy.. then i got online was talkin to dustin ashlie n jimmy n jimmy asked me if i wanted to go shoppin with him n i was like eya sure.. so he came over. looked at my dress.. looked at the pictures.. and then we went out to eastgate.. went to pac sun and he got some pants.. then went to american eagle and he got somemore.. he had a gift card for kolhs so we went in there and he got me this cute necklace. its got an angel and my birth stone.. then we went over to circit city and he got silverchairs CD and he told me if i found a CD i wnated for 11$ hed get it for me and i was lookin at Aaliays CD n i was like its 14 n hes like ill put the extra in so he got me that CD to. rather sweet of him. it was nice.. then he brought me home and he went home. we had a good time.. it was fun. oh the reason he dint call me when his car was gettin fixed was bc they didnt ahve a phone and it was cold out. i dunno. so yea he brought me home.. i wathed some tv with mom.. got online talked to a few people then jimmy said he had to bring his car up in town to get something else done and he didnt kno where to go and i told him he could come to my house n hes like alright itll be like 9in the morning and i said ok just come and wake me up. so yea.. i went to bed at like.. 12iish i think. and this mroning i woke up to jimmy.. lol.. we laid in bed for awhile n talked n watched some tv and listened to the radio. and we was going to go out to wendy's to eat sinc ehis car was bein worked on at 9 in the mroning.. but when he called they didnt even start on it and that was like at 12 so we got angilos. n he paid for me too :D i got chilli chese fries.. mmm.. they were good.. then we ate and took a nap and woke up at like 2;30iish.. came down stairs ate a candy bar and mom got home and its like 3 n he called the car people agian and they said something else was wrong with it so he had to call his dad and tell him he needed like 10$ to cover it and they said his car would be ready by like 4.. so i took him home at like 3. then came home.. ate dinner.. talked to steve.. talked to kristin.. i think shes gonna do my hair for homecoming :D yay.. umm.. washed my hair.. and now here i am. woo woo. fun past 2 days for me. i hafta go back to school tomorrow though. kinda sucks. at least its only 2 days then its the weekend.. not this weekend but next weekend is homecomin. im kinda excited.. but not really.. just excited bc i got a new dress.. sucks i dont have a date though. i wish i did. :\ oh well i guess.. but imma go and straighten my hair.. ill update tomorrow or later tonight i guess.. byee


"no i would never.. bust a cap.. in .. your ass" [18 Jan 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey hey.. well lets see.. last night.. at like 5iish i went over to stephies.. we had some.. "fun" .. did a lil somthang somethang.. went up to the store and got some chicken.. i came home around 8iish.. called jimmy.. talked to him for a while.. then got online.. talked a lil.. then went to bed.. got up this morning at like 11.. watched some movie on USA.. messed up.. then got ready and me n mommie went out to the mall.. we went homecoming dress shoppin for me.. OoOoOoOoOo.. saw a few people out at the mall.. heather holly and stacey.. umm.. danielle n nicole.. n mommie saw someone from work.. umm i got my dress!! its pretty.. i got it from dillards.. i dunno how to describe it.. its spaghetti strap.. and like the boob part is kinda like bunchie together and got lil sparkles on it.. and then like its straight and its got cuts to wear it like opens n goes to the side but still together.. i cant explain it.. if u go to www.dillards.com and then go to shop online.. then to women.. then to juniors.. then to dress.. its on there. it shows it as copper.. but mines orange.. well it starts at orange then it fades to a red at the bottom.. its pretty.. and its got a scarf too.. i love it. mommie likes it.. so does heather holly stacey n their mommie.. they said it fits me.. hehe. its pretty.. um. i got a new bra.. woo woo.. mom got one too.. i got jennas xmas prestent.. umm.. thats about it.. i was gonna get a hoodie at the mall.. but im poor and they arent cheap.. so yea.. then we went over to krogers.. got me some food.. mmm.. then came home.. and it started snowin.. me n mom went to keilys and got a sandwitch.. mmmm.. it was yummy.. then we watched Friday and Next Friday is gettin ready to come on.. so thats what ive done all day.
i needa find someone that wnats to come over before homecoming and get ready with me and go get our hair done together or find someone to do my hair and stay the nite with me after homecoming. and go tannin with me. usually christine would come but i dont think she really like me anymore :\ i want someone to come over and get ready with me and get pictures with me at homecoming and stay the night wtih me. but i dont think ill find anyone :*\.. no one loves me</3 but i guess imma go and watch Next Friday.. ill update more later.. byee


no school for sammie [17 Jan 2003|03:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hello hello... todays been a pretty good day so far.. i got up atlike 9;30.. kinda surprised sincei didnt go to bed last night till like 12.. i was on here writin in my journal and talkin to jimmy n dustin.. hrm. but yea.. i got up and laid around for a while did some thinkin.. um then i watched battle of the sexes on MTV.. then i washed my hair blow dried it and straightened it.. umm. then i got alll of my clothes outta my dresser and went through them and got rid of a few n talked to steve for like 10 min. then i got my bed sheets off n pillow cases n put them in the washer.. made some kool aid.. cleaned the kitchen, put the dishes away, cleaned the table, took out the trash, ect. and now here i am talkin it up with dani stephen n sean. woo woo.. mommie should be gettin home soon.. dunno why she isnt here yet. hrm. ohhh last night i made some kick ass brownies. they are awesome.. mommie tried to make some.. and like she burnt them.. and when she tried to get them outta the pan like it all came out in one block and i threw it in the garbage and it broke in 2 pieces.. lol.. n like this morning dad said he woulda kept it to use as a clip board.. lol.. it was funny. but yea. their awesome brownies.. their moist.. lol.. n got choc. icin on them. mmmmmm. i think i might go and get me one.. but yea.. i guess imma go.. see if can find something to do tonight.. i dunno byee<3


score!!!!! [16 Jan 2003|11:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

wanna hear some awesome shit? well.. yanno how today and tomorrow are exam days at my school.. well i only had to take 2 exams today.. so im done.. so i dont have to go to school tomorrow.. well.. schools colsed tomorrow.. so they rescheduled the exam day to be next Tuesday which means.. Sammie does not have to return to school until Wednesday of next week. now tell me that isnt some sweet shit. that makes me smile big like this :D its nice. so yea.. nothing has happened since i updated last.. talked to jimmy.. umm.. talked to dustin.. we havnt talked in while.. hommie "prank called me" lol.. hes such a goober.. umm.. yea imma go watch a movie i think n write megan n K since i havnt in a while.. ill update sometime tomorrow.. byee<3


free ur mind .. and the rest will follow [16 Jan 2003|11:13pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

oooo so i havnt updated in a few days.. sorry sorry.. umm lets see.. so last time i wrote was when i was upset bout jimmy.. well.. yesterday.. umm.. went to school.. snowed like all day.. nothing really happened at school.. all the classes were reviewing for exams so i slept.. i only had to take chemistry and algebra. um. so yea after school i was walkin out to my car and jeff aj and blake drive up to me n their like please give us a dollar for gas so i gave their poor asses a dollar.. n jimmy was out sittin in his car.. since last time i went up to him n talked to him all he had to say is what are u doin i didnt go up to him. went to my car.. n drove off.. drove around for a while then went home.. changed.. n came back up to the school for vball to work out.. did that.. chilled with lehn n j who in there.. j who asked if i wanted to go with her n lehn to CNE to watch ryan wrestle so i was like yea thats cool.. so i took jenna up to the store and back came home.. mom said ur not going anywhere ur gonna study for u chem exam. blah. so i checked my voicemail and jimmy called.. called his house and he wasnt home called steves and he was over there.. talked to them for awhile then they came over.. umm.. think steve was kinda pissed or something bc hejust kinda laid on the couch with his jacket over his head and me n jimmy flirtin n stuff.. so like they took some pictures.. steve wrote on my stuff.. me n jimmy wrestled.. he like tried to eat my leg so i got a bruise there now.. its all green n purple.. ew. n he bit my butt. lol.. hes weird.. so they left at like 6;20iish and i told jimmy i wanted him to come back and he said hed try but he wasnt promisin.. so i whined kinda.. lol.. so they left i went up to my room n started to study for my exam and i hear someone knock on the door n its jimmy~ yay.. so he came back and he stayed with me till 9.. n i tired to study but he wouldnt let me.. umm.. we talked n cuddled n all that good stuff.. then he left at like 9 :\ i studyed got on here talked to joshie.. then ryan called me.. lol.. he was drunk. talked to him and dave? and mike? lol.. i dunno.. talked to them forlike 15 min then got off so he could go drink more and i could study.. then got off here.. talked to steve for like 10 min then his phone went dead and then i went to bed.. got up this mroning got ready for school went to school.. umm.. took my algebra exam first period.. got like a 71 on it.. woo woo.. good enough for me.. my semsiter grade is an 81. so i passed.. yay.. umm.. my chemistry exam.. there was 100 questions and some kinda like essay. it kinda sucked. wasnt as hard as i thought it was.. but i still failed i think.. lol.. i didnt get my grade. then the power went out and the fire alarm thingys went off so i was freakin out n me n jeremy went outside and then they told us to go back in.. and jeremy fell like 3 times.. lol.. hes a goober.. he cut his arms all up.. umm.. then went to lunch.. sat with ashley white cathy n gwenna then went n talked with angel n kim.. then went n sat wtih ashley aubry n nicole and watched the boys play bball.. talked to steve in there too.. then came home.. and now here i am updatin this talkin to joshie and jimmy and gettin ready to go and eat.. woo woo.. oh and thers like 30483209 inches of snow outside. its shitty. we was sittin in algebra.. me n angel n i look outside n its snowin like hardcore.. n like i left to come home and theres snow everywhere.. its stickin real bad too.. n its real cold. i hate it. blah stupid snow. i have a 4 day weekend.. woo woo.. i dont have to take any exams tomorrow and we dont have school monday.. woo woo.. go me.. but imma go eat.. ill update later.. byee..

- --sammie


update from yesterday since it wouldnt let me.. [15 Jan 2003|08:04am]
[ mood | blah ]

.another depressin day in the life of sammie.

*sighs* me with my depressin stories that i always write about in here for you people to read and think im pathetic as hell. im not even really sure why im upset/depressed. i mean i kinda figured. last night me n jimmy talked on the phone for like 2 hours n it was the greatest 2 hours of my life, i was in a good mood and we got along awesome and he was tellin me how he wnated to kiss me n come over n hold me and it was just awesome and he asked me if i wanted to go shopin with him today n i was like yea n hes like well ill call u tomorrow n i was like ok n it was just great n like all day today i was excited bc he told me he missed me n wanted to see me n junk n before i got of school i looked out the window and i saw his car so i was all happy i was like aww he came to see me so i go out there put my stff in my car and go up to his car and hes like what are u doin n i was like nuttin n sat there for a few seconds n hes like what are u doin n i was like came to see what ur doin n hes like waitin for steve n i was like oh n hes like i went shoppin with my dad today already he wanted to help me get stuff for my car or something n i was like oh ok n hes like but maybe ill come over later n i was like aight n walked away n i talked to steve at like 4 n he said jimmy was with him. i kno ur all thinkin whats the big deal about that.. but like i was soo happy all day bc he told me he missed me and wanted to come n see me n stuff n like no ones told me that in a while and really ment it.. and then like.. i dunno when i saw him he didnt even seem happy to see me but last night he was talkin bout how he wanted me to come move in with him and he wanted to kiss me so bad and he wanted to come over and lay with me n hold me and it seemed like he cared soo much last night. and like today it didnt mean nuttin and im stupid for actually thinkin anything like i shoulda known that things wouldnt been the same today. i dunno.. i think im makin it out to be a bigger deal than it really is.. but it just hurt my feelings. like he ddint seem to care to see me at all. n like i came home n cried.. n like i kno i shouldnt of. i dont really have any reason to be upset.. we're just friends. i dunno.
i enjoy talkin to joshie. he makes me feel better.. imma go and look at his pictures.. i guess if i feel up to it ill write more later.. bye

*no rude comments please
6 !? bitch*

[12 Jan 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

k so i went out
went drivin
drove to wendys
got some food
had to wait in line
for 15 min
bc wendy's is slow
ate my chicken
drank my water
drove around
listened to christina
cried for a while
listned to "beautiful"
cried harder.
told myself to suck it up
cried harder
put the radio on
listened to Jenny on the block
stopped crying
came home
got some skittles
here i am
i love my life. </3 oh and i need a date for homecoming or im not going :\


grrr [12 Jan 2003|04:42pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

kay so like fuck a whole bunch of everyone but joshie. kay this is for everyone, 1. i dont have to give u an excuse for anything that i cant do or didnt do. 2. dont even start to jump my shit.. when u dont even have ur own fuckin story straight. 3. dont be sayin or tellin people that half the time im lying when my parents wont let me go anywhere.
kay anyways.. today.. moms sick.. shes been sick all day.. shes layin on the couch watchin tv.. kinda sad.. well i got up at like 11.. did nthing got online talked to jimmy.. he came over here n we went out to eastgate and turned in his appl. for a place out there.. n then we went n got him a necklace. then we came back to my house n talked to looked through his box.. then he left go to home and find steve.. and then i ate.. sat on the couch with mom for a while n talked to her.. watched some movie with her.. i dunno what it is.. then i got on here.. been talkin to joshie. he made me feel better.. and now im updatin this junk.. gonna go and see how moms doin n clean the house up some for her.. and do some of my algebra and then call up ashley and see what shes doin.. fun stuff i tell ya.. but now imma go.. ill update more later.. byee


huuihjkhl [12 Jan 2003|12:25am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

kay so i got up at like 11 today i think and did nothing.. got onlined talked to jimmy and then he came over here.. yea i kno.. i was in my room gettin ready and he actually came over.. so got ready and then we went over to his house bc he wanted to show me pictures from when he went to rhode island.. so looked at those.. and then we went out to eastgate to the mall.. walked around a lil.. matt called.. talked to him.. then steve called.. well he text messaged me so i called him.. umm.. then me n jimmy came back to my house.. watched 10 things i hate about you.. talked a lot.. umm.. then he went home to eat and go hang out with steve.. so i came down stairs started feelin like crap then mommie got home.. she went out to the mall.. i was suppose to go out with ashlie dustin and matt tonight but since i didnt feel good i passed out on the couch till like 9 and by then it was too late to go out. so im sure ashlies pissed.. i talked to matt and he wasnt mad. but she told matt that half the time when i say mom n dad wont let me im makin it up. which is bull. ugh. anyways.. so then i got up at like 9.. washed my hair and straightened it.. umm.. watched some of that Battle of the Sexes on MTV.. kinda interesting.. then watched that stupid MADE show about that girl wantin to be a cheerleader.. yea.. n then wrote my amber back<3 got on here.. updated my address book and now im talkin to my joshie. thats about it.. me n jimmy are suppose to hang out tomorrow too.. we'll see if he calls me.. but imma go talk to joshie and rikka.. ill update later.. byee<3



surveys to end the night.. [11 Jan 2003|01:56am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* flown on a plane: no
* ever been so drunk you blacked out: yes
* missed school because it was raining: no
* told a girl that you liked them?: i love ashlie dale
* put a body part on fire for amusement: no
* had a crush on a friends girlfriend: no
* dated someone for over a year: yes
* been hurt emotionally: good god, yes
* kept a secret from everyone: yes
* wanted to hook up with a friend: yes
* cried during a movie?: yes
* ever thought an animated character was hot?: hahahaa, yes
* gotten into a physical fight?: no
* been on stage: yes
* cut your hair: yes
* had crush on a teacher? yess
* ditched a class: yes
* failed a class: no

as bordum hits..Collapse )


fun filled day... [10 Jan 2003|10:43pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

sorry its been a few days since ive updated.. :\

well nothing really happened today.. it was a rather boring day.. in bronners we wathced a movie.. but i read a book.. and in english we had our SSR for the 20 min and then we took a quiz over chapter 2 in our book.. well i went down to the bathroom and walked passed the office and saw my joshie!! josh isaacs was at school today.. it was cool.. so then i went back to class and then went to chemistry.. and we had our lil quiz and he brought us kool aid and made us cup cakes and he wrote elements ont hem with icing and we had to name the element to get the cupcake.. it was nice.. umm.. we had pictures today.. like for the groups.. like science club and stuff like that.. so did and and didnt do nuttin else in journalism.. oh i was walkin to jounrlism and i saw jimmy. he was sittin in the office talkin to mrs. harley. umm then 5th period study hall me n ashley went to ms. masons room but the seniors were in there so we stayed till like 11;30 and then went to the library.. and then we went to lunch.. well before i went to lunch i walked past the office to go to my locker and i saw jimmy and josh.. jimmy asked me what i was doin n i said going to lunch and hes like right now n i waslike yea n hes like well we're tryin to get in there n i was like ok.. so then went to lunch then went back up to ms. masons room to get my water bottle and when i opened the door to go up the steps jimmy was like "psssst" n i was like what n hes like wha u doin walkin around u should be at lunch eatin n i was like no im not eatin n hes like u need to eat blah blah n like mrs. harley wouldnt let them come to lunch and he was like well we're not in school so we're leavin.. leavin now.. lol it was funny n like they was walkin out n jimmy was like call me.. like did the lil phone thing to ur ear n then josh did it.. lol.. their goobers.. so then got my water bottle went to lunch n was sittin on the heater by the window and jimmy n josh drove by.. bein cool.. lol.. their geeks.. so then ate a lil at lunch.. then went to desktop and tried to do some work.. then went to algebra and took a quiz.. then i was leavin school and jimmy n josh was were in the parking lot. so im walkin out with steve and jimmy n josh get outta the car and walk up to us and josh opens his arms out and gives me a huge hug. kinda weird yes n we're talkin n he gives me another hug n jimmys talkin to steve and like i went n put my stuff in my car n jimmys like where u going n i was like to put my stuff in my car and hes likes where u going n i was like no where n hes like well u wanna go for a ride n i was like i gotta be back up here at 3 n hes like alright.. n josh is like ur not sittin in the front i was like yes huh n hes like no n i was like ill sit on ur lap.. so then i got in the back and we're dirvin in josh is like yano u coulda sat on my lap but u didnt offer enough.. lol.. geek.. so like the whole time im talkin to josh and he keeps on hititn my hand and hes like sam ur my best friends n blah blah n everytime i come to fayetteville imma com visit you n i was like uhh n hes like sam u kno i love ya.. ur my friend n hes like ur the only person i told i was cominto school today and wanted to see ur the reason i came to school.. lol.. hes a goober.. so me n him talked the whole time. hes gotten a lot nicer and a lot hotter.. yea.. but then we got back up to the school and they wasnt gonna let me out i was like i gotta go i gotta get some clothes for vball and get back up here n jimmys like no ur not leavin n i was like come pick me up at 4 n their like ok n i get out and josh gives me a big hug n i was like at 4 n hes like alright.. so then i go home and get some vball clothes come back up to the school talk with j who n go inside change and we go up the weight room.. j who was my partner and we're workin out n mr. docter was in there n mr. briggs.. mmmmm.. so yummy. yes. mm.. so we worked out till like 3'45 and then left.. umm.. yea jimmy n josh never showed up at 4.. lol.. i didnt think they wouldnt and i wasnt expectin them to.. so i came home and called stephie n ate n fell alseep bc i was tired shit.. fell alseep at like 4;45iish and woke up at like 9;30iish. yea i slept a lot.. im still kinda tired but yea.. i figured i should get up and do a lil something so i ate and talked to manda on here n talked to ryan. hrm. but yea i think imma go now.. get something to drink see if steve calls.. doubt he will.. watch some tv and go back to bed. maybe call jimmy later.. doubt it but imma go.. ill update more later.. byee

sammie dale

today.. first day.. in like.. 3 months.. that ive seen jimmy. wow.


pull up to ya bumpa get ya numba.. [07 Jan 2003|10:09pm]
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kay so monday was the first day back to school.. i couldnt go to sleep for shit sunday nite. i was up till like 2 tryin to go to bed. but i got up fine in the morning.. was up at like 6;30iish.. got ready made me some coffee junk n took to school. got there n stephie came up n gave me a hug. yea umm talked to everyone.. went to bronners room and we went over junk.. english we did vocab shit.. chemistry we went over this worksheet.. journalism nothing as always.. study hall went to the library and ashley told me about her break and i told her about mine. lunch chilled n ate.. desktop didnt do nuttin.. talked to jeff n tim.. algebra had homework.. like always.. started walkin out to my car.. and i hear someone yell "samantha elizabeth" so i turn around and sure enough its my best friend ashlie n im ahh n run up to her give her a hug n she ask me if i wanna come up to weids room with her while she types her report.. so we're walkin in and steves walkin out n im like i needa talk to u and ashlies like ur comin job huntin with me n like we're standin in the doorway and hes outside and he throws a snow ball at me. i get highly pissed and chase him down.. and then.. yet again he throws another snow ball at me >:| lil fucker.. n then ashlie comes over n yellin n junk n im talkin to cliff and then again steve throws another snowball at me. the lil fuck head so then me n ashlie go up to weids room and talkin n junk n like weids like where u suppose to be samantha n i was like i get out at 2 n shes like did u sign out n i was like no i dont think so n shes like well u need to go to the office and tell them ur up here so they know ugh stupid weid. so i go down there n tell em n mr. tatmens like u comin to the weight room n im like eh n hes like for volleyball.. n i was like i doubt it i didnt find out about it till today.. n hes like oh n i was like yea im in weids room so i go back up there n sarah nies comes in.. shes got a bf.. who is white.. n shes movin to oragen with him. so yea she came n said hey.. ashlie finshed typin out her appeal and we go over to bronners n talk to him then go down to the office n ask mrs. harley if she can fax it for her n she said she would.. so then i go home.. ashlie goes to her house to get the fax number and i called steve.. talked to him till he said he hadda go to his dads and then i passed out. woke up at like 8 bc mom got home and yea came down here ate a lil.. watched some tv got on here.. talked to jimmy till like 1 and then tired to go back to bed.. didnt work so well.. i fell alseep like at 2 i think.. and when my alarm clock went off.. boy i was tired. i got up at like 6;45. kinda late for me got ready real fast.. went n warmed up the car and off to school i went.. stephie greeted me with a hug.. oh oh.. i was walkin up to put my shit in bronners room before first period was gonna start and i was walkin up the steps and there, was that one someone that hates me bc of someone startin fuckin rumors that arent tru, standin there and like he was talkin to someone and they both just got quit and i kno he was starin at me.. i didnt look at him or nothing. ugh.kay so like in bronners we went over notes again.. in english we read our book. ugh. in chemistry we went over our lab and did somemore work sheet.. we gotta do that ionic bingo tomorrow and i dont remember any of em. i dont care though.. in journalism mrs. whitey was bein a bitch. everyone has to write 3 different things for the paper and we had to write down our 2 favorite love songs. its stupid shit. cant wait to drop that class. umm study hall me n ashley went to ms. masons room.. i talked with cliff and david. woo woo.. went to lunch talked to lehn she was sittin on the stage.. umm. apparently mrs. harley got a tummy tuck. thats what everyones sayin. i dunno though. umm.. after lunch went to desktop.. did some work.. then helped jeff with his work.. umm then went to algebra and got some more homework.. then came home.. well talked to cliff n jeff n steve for a few.. came home.. did nthing.. cleaned my room.. steve called at like 3 and then jenna called at like 3'15 and i went over to her house.. gave her, her xmas present n she already freakin has the pj pants i got her! i was like ohh.. it was shitty. then i gave her some of my pants that im never gonna grow into.. she seemed to like em.. then we talked n played with her kitties.. moonie.. aww.. he is sooo fat.. but hes sooo cute.. and then midknight lil bitch.. lol.. she gave me a huge ass bag of shirts that were too small for her.. i left her house at like 4;45iish came home.. got on here for amin n read some mail.. then steve called n asked if i wanted to go out to eastgate with him so he could get a phone card so i went.. he came n got me n we went down there.. got his card and he couldnt get it to work so i ahd to do it for him.. then we went over to the mall. saw kristin n kenny talked to them for a few.. then he brought me home and he went home.. now here i am.. updatn this.. gettin ready to go to bed so i can get me some rest and not be a bitch in the morning.. so yea.. imma go.. ill update more tomorrow i suppose.. byee

sammie dale


sammie dale & ashlie dale<3333 [06 Jan 2003|12:19am]
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kay so like today was me and ashlie day. i got up this morning and washed my hair and straightened it out.. ate. watched some tv chilled with mom n then ashlie called n she got over here around 2.. didnt really do nuttin.. we were bums all day.. umm.. called ryan.. talked to him.. went through some of her junk.. oh.. hahha.. member that dan guy from frisch's that was like stalkin me..well.... member how he cussed at my mom *flash back* who the fuck is this? this is cindy who is this.? dan. *comes back to reality* yah well ashlie called him up bc i told her about it and she was like listen here u lil fucker cindy is like my mom and if u ever cuss at her like that again i k no where u live and i will come and beat ur ass n hung up.. lol.. then he called back n i was like hello n hes like hey hold on n i was like listen that wasnt me that was my brother and i told him not to say it n i was like uh right n hung up then he called back and hes like u dont believe me n i was like um no u dont have the right to call my house anymore so like stop callin n hung up n that was the end of that. :] so yes then we went over to ashiles house.. chilled with mom ate some fudge.. good shit.. went in her room.. talked wtih mom someore.. went through her stuff got her some clothes.. went n stole some of moms awesome chilli.. its so good.. then came back to my house.. got here.. got online.. tired to find this font online for like an hour.. then went up to my room.. did some girlies stuff.. looked at pictures.. talked. chilled.. came back downstairs talked on here to ryan adam stephen n stephe n dustin then we was lookin at tattoos and like dustin was pissed or soemthing bc ashlie was there at 8;30 when he got home from work so like he threw a fit about it.. n i talked to ryan n like then she left here at like 10;30 n then i got ready for bed n stuff n went to try to go to sleep but it ddint happen so i deicided to get back on here n write in here n then try to sleep. since i gotta get up for effin school tomrrow. ugh. it sucks.. jimmy called.. i didnt get to talk to him i had to call him back and like when i did the line was busy so i didnt get to talk to him.. i guess i might call him tomorow.. i was supose to call ryan back tonight but like i didnt bc i got ready for bed n tired to sleep and couldnt n got on here n now i needa go to bed bc i need some rest so imma call his cellie in the mroning and leave him a voicemail n junk.. umm.. yea.. stephie called.. like me n ashlie was in her car on the way to my house n she called n shes like hey what are u doin n i was like on my way to my house with ashie n shes like oh thats cool well call me when u get to ur house n i was like yea n shes like bye n i hung up. im still kinda pissed at her for blowin me off to go shoppin with amanda. that was the first time she called me since christmas. ugh. she prolly will call in the mroning and ask me to come n pick her up but im not going to. im not her taxi she can ride the bus to school and plus its outta my way n she doesnt give me gasy money. so yea. um.. thats about it.. oh me n dustin i guess are going to try to hang out thursday. he wont like make it "offical" that we have plans bc he doesnt want me to blow him off or whatever so i guess if we're both not doin anything we're going to hang out.. id like to. but i guess well see what happens. but yea. i needa go to bed.. imma be a bitch in the morning if i dont get some sleep.. so ill write more later.. byee

sammie dale

oh yea ashlie gave me my christmas present :D she got me a this picture frame its like clear n got blue stars in it.. its adorable. i love it.. and this keychain thats blue and says lil sis n shes got a purple one that says big sis.. i love em their cute as hell.. shes my best friend<3


[04 Jan 2003|09:52pm]
kay so like dustin just got online and hes at his moms house and like he left his cell phone at his house and he didnt blow me off bc i said i wouldnt be home till late [i told him around 6iish] and i said if i could we would hang. so like i guess its my fault for not makin it "offical" we was going to hang out. and hes got ash with him anyways. so like yea im out.

*cries* [04 Jan 2003|09:36pm]
[ mood | pissed, sad, depressed, lonely ]

ok so like here i am at about 9 on this saturday night. why you ask? well thats because dustin blew me off. we said we was going to hang out tonight because ashlie was going to hang out with stephen. well stephen kinda blew ashlie off.. so she was pissed. well me and mom already had planned to go the store and to the movies and out toe at and i told dustin we'd be home around 6iish prolly.. so we got home at like i think 5;20iish so i called his cell phone at like 5;30 and no one answered so i was like alright its prolly outta rang so i left a voicemail and told him to call me when he got home... so i sat.. time passed.. i went up to the high school to see a lil of the boys game.. came home.. no dustin.. sat around.. 8 rolls around and im seriously pissed. he hasnt called he hasnt been online and he knew we was suppose to hang out tonight. if he was going to hang with ahslie since stephen blew her off all he had to do was call me and tell me. so last saturday night, before i go back to school, and i actually wanna go out and do something which never really happens, and I have absolutely nothing to do. i cant do nohting with aubry bc shes a cheerleadin.. tornamens a cheerleader.. kristin isnt home..mindy's already out.. dustin.. blew me off.. jimmy prolly doesnt want to hang and i don teven want to ask.. danielle im sure is with her boyfriend n she was suppose tocall me when she wanted to hang.. ashlie.. dunno where she is prolly with dustin.. steve.. he isnt home.. me n stephen would go out.. but he has no money and like theres nothing to do if u dont have money.. so therefore since imma loser with no friends im at home again. this seriously blows. this is like the third time dustins blew me off. i mean i wouldnt be mad if hed just called and said "hey so n so came up we cant hang" then i wouldnt care its just the fact that he knew we was suppose to hang and he hasnt called nor did he call. n it just makes me mad. i was so excited for us to get to hang out since we're talkin again.. but nope. i dunno. it really sucks not havin a best friend.. bc like. when i was best riends with christine.. we was together like everyweek and was always hangin out and with tornamen we was always always together like everyday. it just really blows. this whole break ive spent the nite at ashlies once. and stephie went with me to get my last check from frisch's. thats all ive done with my friends. ive seen 2 of em. ive talked to a few of em on the phone. it just really sucks. everyone says ive turned into a bum.. its not that. its i have nothing else to do.. no one to do anything with so im always home. and plus the fact that everyone has boyfriends doesnt make it any easier. *sighs* n then matt. ugh. hes all like "i give up tryin to hang out with sam" he says hes asked me soo many times to hang out and i rejected him. we was going to last nite but mom didnt want me out late since we had to get up earlier today. n thats the only time. he always said we should hang out but we never actually made plans. ugh i dunno. i needa call ryan later.. ill prolly call him at like 10 maybe. i doubt he'll be home though.
sometimes i just want someone to come and hold me.. and tell me that in some way i mean something in this world. like it doesnt even have to be like in a love way or anything like that. just someone that cares.. i dunno.. i dont even rmember the last person that actually gave me a hug and like met it. i kno it sounds retarded but ugh i dont think anyone really cares about me. i mean fuck i havnt talked to stephie in forever since she fuckin blew me off. what kinda shit is that? i called her that day and she never called me back. and like everyone says "sam ur like my best friend" no one seems like they give a damn. danielle says she loves me like her big sister. havnt talked to her on the phone at all over break and we've talked a lil on the internet. and they only reason why she said shed loved me like ehr big sis is because i wrote her, aubry, mindy, and christine and told them how much i love them and how much they mean to me and im sorry for everything. christine didnt even fuck say anything about it and she was the one that i put the most feeling into. danielle said she loves me like her big sister.. but doesnt show it. and said we needed to hang out one nite n i told her to call me when she wnated to and she never did and mindy just said that she loves me too and aubry said she was happy i wrote her but we havnt hung.. though she tired but i had to be home for the next morning to take dad to the car place at 7 so yea shes the only one that tired. and me n her arent that tight anymore either and plus she has a boyfriend shes with 24/7.
and ive been sooo emotional lately.. i mean its fuckin nutty. i was sittin on the couch the other day watchin this cheerleadin thingy on MTV and like the girls lost their competition n i started ballin.. i mean i lost it. i cried for like 5 min. i mean wtf is up with that? oh and then.. renee.. my suppose to be online bestest friend who i love to death. i havnt talked to her in like a month.. and i wrote her like 2 letters and one was a christmas card and i ahvnt got nuttin back from her n she was suppose to send me a school picture but she never did. so i doubt she really cares. *sighs* i just wanna be loved</3

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